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Here’s a beautiful story.

Simon and Steph got married this summer. They wanted to make their wedding favours really personal to them. What better way to do this than by 3D printing them!

We’ll let them explain it in their own words:

We have been playing with the printers for around a year and were impressed with the capability and versatility of them. When we were looking into the cost of favour boxes they turned out to be pretty expensive and with the cost of everything else we decided to try and make our own. We found the design of the box on Thingiverse and sweets to go inside that we had personalised with our names and dates of the wedding to make them unique. Our past experiences with white had either come out slightly see-through or with a yellowy tinge. The Faberdashery Arctic White seemed like a perfect option. It was completely pure and exactly what we wanted-matching perfectly with the brilliant white decor. At the wedding lots of the guest said they were amazing and asked where we had got the boxes from – they were completely in awe when we said we had made them! We would just like to thank you for allowing us to have this extra wow factor on our special day!

Simon and Steph


As you can see, the results were stunning. Thanks Simon and Steph for sharing your story with us.


This month we’re introducing two new colours and pitching them against each other in an epic battle. On the one side we have Earl Grey, an industrial strength grey worthy of any Robot overlord. On the other side comes Pearly White, an ethereal pearlescent filament made from essence of Unicorn. These titans will go head to head in a battle of fabbing. Can Robot Toy defeat Unicorn Horn? Will the toy robot project succumb to a pink haired unicorn? Is Puzzled Robot a match for Unicorn Logo? In the clash of colours who will come out on top? You decide!

Credits: tekeian, videan42, bryanbrutherford, guru, relet, polymaker