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In our last blog post we announced the arrival of Rose, the latest addition to the Faberdashery family. We wanted to create an enduring memento of this special time, but with a Faberdashery twist. This was the perfect opportunity to trial Trimensional.

Trimensional is a nifty iPhone app that turns your phone into a 3d scanner. It works by using both the screen and the front-facing camera on your phone to detect patterns of light reflected off a surface to build a 3D model. To get the best results the scan has to be done in a really dark room with the screen brightness turned up to max. The STL file produced could be sent directly to print, however,  we found that a bit of smoothing in Meshlab and cropping in Netfabb Studio gave better results. We shared the files on Thingiverse, and then printed in Faberdashery Buttercream PLA.

Trimensional is a great example of  how easy it’s becoming to capture content in 3D from the world around us. We can see a time in the not-too-distant future, when 3d printing these sorts of mementos will be commonplace. What would you scan for your 3D scrap book of memories?