MakieLab, the have just launched their iPad app. The pioneering London-based doll and games company, utilises 3D printing technology to offer customisable action dolls. Now their ‘Makies Doll Factory’ app allows you to create you own unique 3D printed figure from the comfort of your iPad. As you’d expect from MakieLab, it’s beautifully simple with great attention to detail plus a few quirky characteristics.

The launch of this app is another landmark in the trend towards accessible 3D content creation. As 3D printing technology becomes more pervasive, we’re seeing the emergence of tools that engage with people in a far more immersive way. The new genre of easy to use, low cost (/ free) 3D content creation tools opens 3D printing technology to a wider audience of enthusiastic non-specialists.

MakieLabs having been pushing other boundaries this month, adding three new flesh colours to the SLS Nylon dolls. Makies have also become the first ever 3D printed toys to be toy certified. That’s pretty big! It’s been a great start to the year for 3D printing :)