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Are you ready for spooky fun? If not, fear not. 3D printing is the perfect way to ensure you don’t get caught in a dead end this Halloween. Here are some of our favourite freaky prints. Do you dare make them….?*

*Pun alert – we’ve inserted as many halloween puns as is humanly (or un-humanly) possible into this post. If you have a fear of puns please stop reading now!

Wicked Pumpkins Demons are a ghoul’s best friend but pumpkins are even better. Print out Makies fantastic Jack-O-Lantern  and insert a string of lights to create these glowing pumpkins. How evil do they look!


Glowing Eyes Ever felt like you’re being watched? These glowing eyes will ensure you alway are. Print out them out in Glowbug Yellow, place them in a dark corner and enjoy their malevolent stare.


Halloween Cookie Cutters A great activity to do with the kids. We have created four halloween themed cookie cutters – skull, pumpkin, ghost and bat. Print them out and have fun making cookies to die for.


Treat toppers Treats or tricks at the ready! Why not combine both? Print out zombie fingers and spiderwebs to give your cakes that extra eeeek factor!


Pet Bat Wings It’s only right that your pets should get in on the Halloween fun. These bat wings make the perfect costume. Just make sure you’ve installed a bat flap!


Skelly Make no bones about it Halloween would not be the same without a creepy skull on show. We created Skelly, the dress-up skull, to bring a bit of variety to your Halloween makes. He comes with 10 different accessories that are sure to tickle your funny bone. But don’t stop there! Why not scale him down and print out a collection of skull beads to wear in true headhunter style.



From all the Faberdashery team we wish you a very fun, scary and creepy Halloween. Mwaaa hahahaha…..!!!





Faberge eggs have been a source of delight and intrigue since the first one was created for Czar Alexander’s wife in 1815. Each of these spectacular Easter gifts housed hidden surprises ranging from bejewelled miniature replicas to a singing bird in a gilded cage.

Jade Green egg inside a Bling Bling Gold egg.

Inspired by the Faberge legacy we are running a competition to find the most inspiring and surprising 3D printed Easter egg. Like Faberge, you have complete freedom in the design of your egg, with the only prerequisite being that there has to be surprise within each creation. You can design your egg from scratch or re-mix existing designs or simply hunt though Thingiverse for the most crazy/brilliant/lovely thing to put in an egg. We don’t mind.

Two prizes are up for grabs: (1) Best Technical Interpretation, and (2) Most Creative Interpretation. Each winner gets £50 to spend on Faberdashery filament and big love from us! To enter, simply upload your design to Thingiverse with the tags ‘Faberdashery’ and ‘Faberge’ by 12:00 GMT Tuesday 2nd April, so get your wiggle on! We will announce the winners on Friday 5th.

Legal stuff: The prize is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for a cash sum. Vouchers will be provided which can be used to purchase Faberdashery filament through the Faberdashery website store to the sum of £50. Vouchers must be spent in a single transaction and cannot be redeemed across a series of separate purchases. Vouchers are valid for a year from the date of issue.

Credit: Design- Customizable Easter Artistic Eggs by Joe Stubbs.

The KamerMaker is the world’s first movable 3D print pavillion. Capable of 3D printing entire rooms from PLA, this is one of the biggest printers around. It has an epic build size of 2x2x3.5m! The project is a collaboration between DUS architects and Ultimaker Ltd and is purposely open source. From 2013 onwards, the KamerMaker will travel to different locations in the Netherlands and beyond.

We were lucky enough to be at the launch party in Amsterdam last weekend. The event had a real block party feel with great community interaction. We got a fantastic view from inside of the machine. Yes, that’s right, you can climb inside it! Printing this big is no easy task. Although the machine is driven essentially by standard Ultimaker electronics with the beating heart of an Arduino (plus some industrial stepper drivers) feeding the plastic in requires some innovative solutions. A mini-extruder (from xtrution.comfeeds the KamerMaker with molten plastic. Thermoplastic granules are fed in the top, melted and extruded along a monstrous ‘bowden’ tube to the print head. The tube is heated PTFE with steel braiding. It is an elegant solution with pretty awesome results. The design of the machine is really beautiful, with mirrored, chameleon stainless steel finish, fitting inside a standard shipping container.

It was really inspiring to see a concept put into action. Big dreams are great. Making them a reality is even better. Already we are seeing huge potential for the KamerMaker. We would love to know your thoughts. If you could print this big, what would you print?

To see more images of the mighty KamerMaker take a look at our Flickr stream.

Why Faberdashery has a letterpressed logo…

In 1457 Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type and the printing press. In doing so he changed the world. How?Being able to produce written word en-mass meant ideas could be communicated better, faster and across greater distances. The number of people who could afford to have books in their homes increased dramatically, as did literacy. Suddenly a new world of knowledge and communication opened out before people. The social impact of printing press technology was enormous.

In many ways 3D printing is like the printing press. It is the technology that is set to; not just revolutionise products and manufacturing; but to set a new standard for how we share knowledge and understanding of the objects that surround us. When we conceived the idea of Faberdashery we were inspired by the parallels in the printing press and 3D printing.

We loved the idea of our  logo being an analogue production, just as 3D printing ultimately is and this is why we decided on a letterpressed logo. Letterpress printing is carried out now by just a handful of experts who are keeping the tradition alive. The process is a stunning and underrated art, and those that do it are true craftspeople. Our printer was no exception. His studio is a wonderland of mind-blowing machinery and gorgeous prints and his work is inspiring. Just like a 3D printer, a letterpress is a machine where you can really see the magic of technology in action. The machines themselves are awe-inspiring and the results not only look amazing but also invite you to touch, feel and fully experience the type on the paper (just the way a 3D print impels the observer to handle it).

We would love to see the preservation of typefaces through 3D scanning. Last year Yara Khoury and Melle Hammer created the first 3D printed typeface with their Kashida-arabic and Kashida-latin 3D fonts. The results are beautiful. Check out also the cool stuff RichRap over at richrap.blogspot.com has been doing with his 3D printed business card.


We all have our favorite. The world would be a sad place without it. The best brands are recognizable by it. Colour. In short, it’s a powerful thing. We know at Faberdashery that the filament you print with is vital to making your projects the best they can be. That is why we have launched with 18 fantastic filaments. Some of these are brand spanking new and exclusive to Faberdashery! Whatever your project, we will have the filament to suit it.

So what have we got? To begin with there is our rainbow range. This includes all seven colours of the rainbow, and a few extras thrown in for good measure. For prints that need bold primary colours this range is perfect. Then there is our metallics range, for when you want bring some shimmer and shine to your designs (for some ghetto fabulous prints check out our Bling Bling Gold). There is also our is a translucent range, comprising of Glacial Blue, Jade Green and Crystal Clear. These beautiful translucent filaments will print to a delicate semi-opaque finish. We also have a neutrals range. This includes our fantastic Architects Stone, and our gorgeous Buttercream. Our neutrals are great for models and projects needing an understated finish. Of course we also have our monotones consisting of Classic Black and Arctic White (P.S. Our Arctic White contains optical brighteners that give your prints that whiter than white finish).

We have tried to cater for all tastes and print projects. We want our filaments to excite, amaze and inspire. If you visit our shop and feel like a kid in a sweet shop then we have done our job. However we’re not stopping there. Oh no! Even as you read this we are working on our next filament range. It will be coming out soon, so watch this space!

Well, that is it for now. We are very excited and can’t wait to see what you will do with our filament. So, without further ado, let’s get printing!