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Rainbow Fun Pack

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5 meters is about 16g or 12cc
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Can't decide what colours to get? Try our Rainbow Fun Pack. With the Faberdashery Rainbow Fun Pack you get to try out 10 meters each of our top ten colours. So your 100m of filament will consist of:

  1. Fire Truck Red (10m)
  2. Squeezed Orange (10m)
  3. Mellow Yellow (10m)
  4. Village Green (10m)
  5. Greenery Green (10m)
  6. Electric Blue (10m)
  7. Lapis Blue (10m)
  8. Sugar Plum (10m)
  9. Cherry Blossom Pink (10m)
  10. Desert Tan (10m)

Your filament comes packaged in a plastic sleeve for protection and storage. Choose from either 1.75 or 2.85 mm diameter, available as 100 meter packs (10x 10m coils).