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Full Metal Packet

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5 meters is about 16g or 12cc
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Enjoy Faberdashery’s full metallic collection in one hit! Perfect for when you can't choose which mighty metallics you want. In our Full Metal Packet you get to try out 20 meters each of our metallic colours. So your 100m of filament will consist of:

  1. Pearly White (2x 10m)
  2. Robot Silver (2x 10m)
  3. Bling Bling Gold (2x 10m)
  4. Mercury Red (2x 10m)
  5. Space Marine (2x 10m)

Your filament comes packaged in a plastic sleeve for protection and storage. Choose from either 1.75 or 2.85 mm diameter, available as 100 meter packs (10x 10m coils).