We all have our favorite. The world would be a sad place without it. The best brands are recognizable by it. Colour. In short, it’s a powerful thing. We know at Faberdashery that the filament you print with is vital to making your projects the best they can be. That is why we have launched with 18 fantastic filaments. Some of these are brand spanking new and exclusive to Faberdashery! Whatever your project, we will have the filament to suit it.

So what have we got? To begin with there is our rainbow range. This includes all seven colours of the rainbow, and a few extras thrown in for good measure. For prints that need bold primary colours this range is perfect. Then there is our metallics range, for when you want bring some shimmer and shine to your designs (for some ghetto fabulous prints check out our Bling Bling Gold). There is also our is a translucent range, comprising of Glacial Blue, Jade Green and Crystal Clear. These beautiful translucent filaments will print to a delicate semi-opaque finish. We also have a neutrals range. This includes our fantastic Architects Stone, and our gorgeous Buttercream. Our neutrals are great for models and projects needing an understated finish. Of course we also have our monotones consisting of Classic Black and Arctic White (P.S. Our Arctic White contains optical brighteners that give your prints that whiter than white finish).

We have tried to cater for all tastes and print projects. We want our filaments to excite, amaze and inspire. If you visit our shop and feel like a kid in a sweet shop then we have done our job. However we’re not stopping there. Oh no! Even as you read this we are working on our next filament range. It will be coming out soon, so watch this space!

Well, that is it for now. We are very excited and can’t wait to see what you will do with our filament. So, without further ado, let’s get printing!