When you are changing the world with technology you want to work with the best materials.

Here’s why Faberdashery filament is the best:

1. Better Prints

Our filament is made from PLA (or poly lactic acid to give it its full name). PLA has a super-fast transition point from liquid to solid. This means that you get less warping when you print with Faberdashery filament and therefore a better quality of print.

2. Consistent Quality

We have worked long and hard to find the best manufacturing processes and the best formulas to create our product. Faberdashery filament is manufactured to have excellent roundness and unbeatable consistency. We manufacture to ± 0.05 mm (but always aim for better). What does this mean? Good filament means a happy machine. A better quality filament is more likely to run smoothly through your 3D printer and less likely to cause problems. And less problems mean less wastage and better prints.

3. Buy by the meter

We sell our filament by the meter, allowing you to buy as much or as little as you like.

4. Biggest range of colours under one roof

You want a colour, we’ve got it! And, we are always developing new colours and filament types. We provide the Pantone match for each of our colours and can manufacture bespoke Pantone colours.  So if there is a particular colour or filament you would like to see, get in contact and let us know.

5. Whatever your extruder, Faberdashery has the filament

Got a 3mm extruder?  We got 3mm filament. Got a 1.75mm extruder? We got 1.75mm filament. Nobody gets left out!

6. Plant based, not fossil fuel based

PLA is a plastic that is lighter on the environment as it is derived from plant starch, not fossil fuels.

7. Biodegradable

Because PLA is plant-derived it has the potential to biodegrade under commercial composting conditions.

8. Tested by the best

We ensure that our filament meets the highest standards. This is why we get it manufactured in the UK and get the best 3D print enthusiasts to test it. This includes the godfather of 3D printing himself, Dr Adrian Bowyer (RepRapPro)

9. Works with all machines

Our PLA is not fussy about what machine you use it with. Provided you calibrate your machine to take PLA filament, it should work perfectly with all the home 3D printers on the market.

10. Smells nice

Unlike other print materials, Faberdashery filament does not give off nasty fumes when you print with it. In fact, it smells rather nice – a bit like melted sugar. Nom nom*!!!

*We don’t suggest you actually eat it. That would be a waste of a fine filament!