Monthly Archives: April 2013


Kuma Crafts caught our eye recently with their gorgeous 3D printed jewellery. The husband and wife team specialize in jewellery, apparel and plushes inspired by Japanese culture. Until recently Kuma Crafts produced most of their jewellery using layered acrylic. However when they realised the potential of 3D printing they decided to incorporate it into their production techniques. A lot of work has gone into getting the jewelllery to the high standards Kuma Crafts have set for their products.

Star Locket

Stan Velijev of Kuma Crafts explained ‘After a lot of experimentation and tweaking, we finally have consistent high quality prints that we’re happy to sell. Faberdashery’s PLA is the only one we’ve found of high enough quality to be used for jewellery. The gold has just the right shine with a little sparkle, and the diameter is of extremely even consistency so we never have filament jams or irregularities in smooth surfaces. Faberdashery makes a premium product which yields premium results.’

Thanks Stan! We love what you have done with our filament and can’t wait to see what you do next.