Monthly Archives: February 2012

Being part of the 3d printing revolution means we are constantly having our minds blown by the crazy cool stuff people out there are doing. The ‘beatjazz’ project by Onyx Ashanti is one of them.

Last year musician and performer Onyx Ashanti created a new type of musical performance “prosthesis” called a beatjazz controller. This is a 3 way wireless sensor network used to make beatjazz, an improvisational music form. Think of it as a saxophone for cyborgs. Onyx uses this one-of-a-kind musical instrument to deliver live, improvised electronic musical performances.

The first prototype for the controller was cardboard and Onyx’s demo perfomance with it at TED was featured on MAKE last year.  Now Onyx has moved it into the next level of awesome by 3d printing the hand units in Faberdashery Robot Silver. The results look fantastic!

Onyx says: ‘I discovered 3d printing a while back but only just purchased an eMAKER Huxley in November and spent January teaching myself CAD.’

‘One of the goals of the project is to make it open source (which it is already) and downloadable.  In the vein of the reprap, approximately 80% of the system is printable, making it downloadable as well.  This goal feeds the ultimate goal of the system whixch is to re-engineer music performance.’

We can’t wait to see the new units in action and are sure this will inspire a whole new wave of future-looking cyber-awesome musical creations! To keep up to date with the project check out Onyx’s blog.

Photo credit: Onyx Ashanti