Monthly Archives: August 2011

Imagine the scenario – you and your RepRap / Makerbot are washed up on a desert island. Luckily you salvaged a laptop, car battery and a good supply of filament alongside your 3D printer. What do you print to survive? We trawled  Thingiverse, for the ultimate .stl files for desert island living.

Shelter from the blazing sun? No problem! Print out the fantastic Dome Connectors by c60 grab some bamboo, and make yourself a geodesic dome. Next get hydrated with a Bottle by aubenc to collect your water, then swig it in style with Joris’ beautifully faceted low res hi quality cup. You may be stuck on a desert island but there’s no need to eat with fingers. Print yourself the essential Sporknife by freakinhuge and chow down on that mango. Finally, attract the attention of passing boats with Zaggo’s classic Whistle.

Of course, some of us would be happily stuck on a desert island with just a 3D printer :) . So you could always just while away the time with the awesome Chess set I by cbiffle.

What design files would you 3D print to survive?


Featured image by HeyDanielle (Flickr)